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residential office Cheon▓g Wa Dae and the Cabinet, whose members have already offered to resign.Kim and Schwab had met ▓three times since Friday, but failed to resolve diffe▓rences over what they called "technica▓l issues" to ensure resumption of imports of beef from cattle less than 30 months ol▓d, which are less susceptible to ma


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d cow disease.S Korean pr▓esident apologizes to public for beef dealSEOUL, June 19 (Xinhua) -- South Korean President Lee Myung-bak on Thursday apologiz▓ed to the public for his government's handling of ▓a U.S. beef import deal which sparked strong pro▓tests."I should have paid attention to what


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people want," said Lee in a nationally televised statement. ▓"I and my government will acutely reflect on this."Lee said his government will secure a firm U.S. government guarantee to prohi▓bit American private exporters from▓ sending beef from cattle older than 30 months to South Korea in an effort to address public fears over mad cow disease.South Korea and the United States reached an▓ agreement on April18 for resumption of imports of U.S. beef from cattle of all ages despite growing concerns over mad cow disease. The deal has triggered protests▓ of tens of thousands people in recent da▓ys.Faced with street rallies and candlelight vig


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ils aga▓inst the beef deal that rocked South Korea for the past month, Lee is scheduled to announc▓e a major reshuffling of his aides at the pre▓sidential office Cheong Wa Dae and the Cabinet, who▓se members have already offered to resign.South Korean nego▓tiators are meeting U.S. officials in Washington to ▓try to revise the pact in order to secure extra safeguards against mad cow disease.U.S. Agricultural Department recalls 65 mln kg of frozen beefPremier ▓Wen Jiabao has visited the northwestern Xin▓jiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which has been hit by the worst snowfall in six decades. Wen Jia

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omised to take effective measures to help people through the difficult period.On Saturday afternoon, after a f▓ive hour flight, Premier Wen Jiabao ar▓rived in northern Xinjiang and visited a ▓Kazak village in the suburbs.The temperature had fallen to 26 degrees below zero and snow was piled up more than a meter high along the v

illage p▓ath.A villager told the Premier that his fodder reserve woul


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d only last till March and the▓ cattle could not move to the summer range until May.Wen Jiabao instructed local officials to speed up the transport of fodder from farming regions that are less badly affected.The government will offer subsidies and provide cheap loans for shepherds, and c▓ontinue to provide assistance into the spring.▓W

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en Jiabao's next stop was a shepherd settlement in Tach▓eng, another badly hit area.The settl

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